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In Zombie Catchers APK, slay the undead abominations in a colorfully gorgeous backdrop. Zombie Catchers APK download is a fun 2-D side-scrolling catching game.

Information of Zombie Catchers

Name Zombie Catchers
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 1.37.16
Size 102.32 Mb
Category Action
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Deca Games

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Introduction to Zombie Catchers APK

Welcome to the enthralling world of Zombie Catchers APK, a unique action-adventure game that takes you on an unusual journey set in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead roam free. Developed by Two Men and a Dog, this game is available for Android users looking to embark on a zombie-catching adventure unlike any other. A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, have devised a plan to catch zombies using their harpoon and nets, transforming them into juicy, lucrative products.

This version of Zombie Catchers stands out with its creative gameplay mechanics, where players unlock new territories, hunt zombies, and build a food business empire. With the option to download Zombie Catchers for Android, players are thrown into a world riddled by a zombie invasion, tasked with making Earth safe again while also making a handsome profit. The game's unique blend of strategy, action, and management, coupled with its engaging storyline, makes it a must-try for anyone looking to hunt and capture the undead.

Background Story of Zombie Catchers APK

In the heart of Zombie Catchers APK, lies an innovative tale set in a post-apocalyptic world overwhelmed by a zombie invasion. Unlike any other zombie game, this narrative introduces us to A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen with an unorthodox vision. Seeing opportunity where others see despair, they devise a plan to catch zombies and use them for the greater good - or at least for profit. Armed with their trusty harpoon and an array of weapons and traps, they aim to make earth safe again, while also making a handsome profit by turning their catches into juice and other food products.

What sets Zombie Catchers apart is not just its unique premise but the blend of humor and adventure that propels the story forward. Players unlock new territories, hunt and capture different types of undead, and gradually build a food business empire by developing delicious new recipes from their zombie catches. This game, available for download on Android, offers a refreshing twist on the typical zombie-catching narrative by combining elements of strategy, business management, and action-packed gameplay. As players discover new territories and hunt zombies, they embark on a mission to transform the world riddled by a zombie invasion into a thriving, zombie-powered economy.

How To Play Zombie Catchers APK

To embark on your zombie-catching adventure in Zombie Catchers APK, you'll need to master a simple yet engaging gameplay loop. First and foremost, players download Zombie Catchers to their Android devices, stepping into the shoes of A.J. and Bud, the two intergalactic businessmen on a mission to catch zombies. The basic mechanics revolve around using a harpoon and various traps to hunt zombies. With a user-friendly control scheme, you can shoot down zombies, capture them with nets, and then squeeze them into juice or other lucrative food products.

As you progress, you'll unlock new territories on the map, discovering unique zombies to collect. Each zombie catch contributes to building your food business empire, allowing you to develop delicious new recipes and upgrade your production lines for maximum profit. The game encourages strategic thinking as you plan to hunt, unlock exciting new hunting gadgets, and manage your growing empire. Climb the hunting ranks to get more plutonium and exclusive costumes for your characters, enhancing both your capabilities and appearance. With each perfect catch, you develop your skill and edge closer to turning a world riddled by a zombie invasion into a thriving business.

Exciting Features of Zombie Catchers APK

Zombie Catchers APK offers a slew of engaging features that make it stand out in the sea of zombie games available for Android. Let’s dive into these features:

Harpoon Gun & Traps

The game equips players with a harpoon gun and a variety of traps to catch zombies. This inventive approach allows for strategic gameplay as you hunt zombies, making every capture a satisfying puzzle to solve. The thrill of the hunt is elevated by choosing the right tools for different zombie types.

Gadgets & Weapons

As you progress, you unlock exciting new hunting gadgets and weapons, including nets and jetpacks, to aid in your zombie-catching endeavors. Each gadget introduces new gameplay mechanics, offering fresh ways to hunt and capture the undead.

Zombie Juices & Snacks

Once caught, zombies are turned into juice and snacks in a quirky twist that sees players build a food business empire. Developing delicious new recipes and upgrading your production lines to deliver maximum profit adds a strategic layer to the game, blending action with management simulation.

Business Empire

The ultimate goal is to build a food business empire. This involves expanding production, discovering new territories on the map, and squeezing zombies into lucrative food products. Managing your empire requires savvy business acumen and a knack for zombie catching.

Exploration & Collection

New territories beckon, each harboring unique zombies to collect. Exploration is rewarded not just with resources but also with the excitement of discovering what lies in each newly unlocked area. This feature taps into the explorer’s spirit within every player.


Deploying drones to find unique zombies worldwide introduces an element of anticipation and surprise. Waiting for drones to return with news of undead sightings adds a passive gameplay element that complements the active hunting and business management.

Boss Zombies

Special boss zombies require players to employ all their skills and gadgets to catch. These encounters test your preparedness and ability to adapt, providing challenging and rewarding gameplay peaks.

Character Development

Progress through the game allows players to upgrade your character, climb the hunting ranks, and get exclusive costumes. This progression system rewards skill and dedication, encouraging players to perfect their zombie-catching techniques.

Zombie Catchers APK transforms the post-apocalyptic scenario into a fun, engaging adventure that combines strategy, action, and business management. Whether you’re strategizing the best way to catch a zombie or expanding your food empire, the game provides a uniquely satisfying experience that encourages creativity, strategic thinking, and a bit of humor. Join A.J. and Bud in their quest to make earth safe and profitable, one zombie at a time.

Useful Tips For Playing Zombie Catchers APK

Mastering Zombie Catchers APK requires more than just the ability to catch zombies. Here are some invaluable tips to enhance your gameplay and elevate your status as one of the most efficient zombie catchers in this post-apocalyptic world:

Strategic Luring

Use brains as bait to strategically lure zombies out of hiding. Positioning is key; place the bait in such a way that zombies are drawn into your traps or direct line of fire from your harpoon. This method ensures higher catch rates with minimal effort.

Upgrade Wisely

Invest your earnings back into upgrading your character and weapons. Upgraded gadgets, including nets and jetpacks, can significantly enhance your ability to catch zombies more efficiently. Additionally, upgrading your production lines helps in turning a higher profit from your zombie-made juices and snacks.

Know Your Zombies

Understanding the different types of zombies you're hunting is crucial. Each zombie has unique behaviors and requires specific strategies to catch. Use the right weapons and traps based on the zombie you're targeting for a successful capture.

Explore and Expand

Don't hesitate to discover new territories on the map. Expanding your hunting ground is essential for finding unique zombies to collect and squeeze into new products. New areas also mean more resources to help build your food business empire.

Plan Your Hunts

Time to hunt is a strategy on its own. Plan your zombie-catching expeditions around your business needs. Catching more zombies ensures a steady supply of ingredients for your growing food empire, so make sure you're always stocked up on zombies to process.

Save and Strategize

Make use of multiple save slots to save your progress strategically. This can save you from potentially losing significant progress during tough boss zombie encounters or when exploring dangerous new territories.

Following these tips will not only improve your zombie-catching skills but also help in efficiently managing your food business empire. A.J. and Bud, the two intergalactic businessmen, rely on smart strategies and sharp reflexes to make Earth safe again. Join them with your apk download for Android and become a master zombie catcher!


Zombie Catchers APK is more than just a game; it's an adventure that beckons with the promise of zombie-catching fun and the opportunity to build a food business empire. With A.J. and Bud, the two intergalactic businessmen, at the helm, players are invited into a world riddled by a zombie invasion where they can turn the undead menace into a lucrative enterprise. From using a harpoon to catch zombies, to unlocking new territories and developing delicious new recipes, this game blends action, strategy, and business management in a uniquely engaging way. So, why wait? Download Zombie Catchers for Android today and start your zombie-catching adventure, making Earth safe and profitable one zombie at a time.

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