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Z Legend 3 pays homage to the anime series with its gameplay mechanics. Z Legends 3 APK has greater attention to detail than its predecessor and improved significantly.


Information of Z Legends 3

Name Z Legends 3
version-history Latest Version 2.0.1
Size 68 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer z legends 3

Table of Contents

Z Legends 3: A Brilliant Take On Mobile Fighting Games

Z Legends 3 APK download pays homage to Dragon Ball and provides its vision for the fighting game consisting of its legendary anime characters. You can play out the scenario like in the anime or switch things around to explore exciting and new scenarios.

The character roster is quite sizable and has many variants on top of the base characters. The series' mainstay characters are all present, but the recent additions also make an appearance for the fans to geek out over and play with in Z Legends 3 APK Android.

The combos are tougher, and the opponents are unrelenting, but it only takes seconds to turn the tables. The powerful finisher attacks of each character encompass the entire screen and give a sense of the character's power in Z Legends 3 APK.

Story Background: Z Legends 3

The story of Z Legends 3 is not winning any originality awards, but that was never the game’s intention. The plot revolves around the different tournament sagas that the anime has showcased during its run, and we play the characters of our choosing to save the earth.

The stakes are always high in any tournament, as the planet's fate rests on whoever will emerge as the victor. The story can also turn on its head if we play as a villain and defend the earth from other villains, which makes for a fun interaction between the bad guys.

How to Play Z Legends 3?

  1. Z Legends 3 doesn’t have heavy graphics and has a retro vibe with its pixel graphics. The small file size means the game won’t take long to download and install on your preferred device and doesn’t require a constant internet connection.
  2. Z Legends 3 has a lot of variety in its character roster, with as many as 16 fighters to choose from. The match pairings can also be chosen between a one-on-one fight or a two-on-two battle, where if you lose one fighter, you can bounce back with the other.
  3. Z Legends 3 offers a plethora of complex combo chains you must master to win against tough opponents. The prize awards in Z Legends 3 depend on the opponent’s difficulty level and your skill at performing moves and winning in the shortest time possible.
  4. The music, the character’s facial expressions in the selection menu, the fighting stages, and the super-powered finishers provide a truly immersive experience in Z Legends 3. You can unlock more characters with coins that you earn from winning matches.

Exciting Features to Lookout For in Z Legends 3

Z Legends 3 has many brilliant features that will unravel as you play the game. We will highlight the special ones that stood out from the rest.

3-D Environment Exploration

Z Legends 3 has basic movements and attacks that can be performed during and outside combat. The gorgeous pixelated 3-D environments hide secrets that need to be uncovered during exploration, and you must rely on your judgment to spot them and claim the rewards.

You can fly, run, dash, and smash around the environment, and the vibration effects of the powerful attacks will reflect in the form of your screen shaking rapidly during the different stages. Colorful lights around the stages give off a powerful feeling that compliments the game.

Strategic Gameplay

The gameplay of Z Legends 3 is not as simple as button mashing, and you’ll instantly connect with the moves on your opponent. The opponents can range from average difficulty to hardest, and if you don’t outthink your opponent, you will face defeat.

The one-on-one fights and tag pairing dynamic are crucial to grasp early on, and once you’ve gotten the hang of this mechanic, the fighting will become much easier. Z Legends 3 emphasizes strategy over force; a powerful fighter HP can be beaten if fought with a plan.


Diverse Roster

The roster of characters in Z Legends 3 is full of heavy hitters and fan favorites, and you can upgrade their base versions further with the latest additions to the Dragon Ball lore. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, Black Goku, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form, and others are all in the game.

The powerful forms of the characters in Z Legends 3 can be achieved mid-fight to make a comeback and create the perfect chance to secure the win. The villains and heroes can be selected in two-on-two matchups to see the oddball pairing working together.


Z Legends 3 has loads of tournaments that are generated randomly to test the player's skills. The rewards for winning the tournaments are great, and you can unlock hidden characters or their upgraded forms, which should entice you to keep playing and improving at the game.

Useful Tips for Playing Z Legends 3

For players just starting Z Legends 3, you will need to figure out how to play the game well to win. We’ve got some helpful tips for you.

Training Mode is Your Friend

Z Legends 3 has a training mode to improve the precision with button presses and to chain combos. Practicing in the training mode is essential to get good at these two mechanics, and you will win matches in no time.

Mix & Match Your Team

In Z Legends 3, you can pair any two characters, but make sure you pick characters who will work well together. Try different combinations to see who suits your playstyle better, and remove the ones that don’t match you.

Final Thoughts

Z Legends 3 has loads of potential, and its addictive gameplay can keep you hooked. I recommend checking it out for yourself and seeing how well it plays.

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