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Download Stumble Guys APK for an action game with fun gameplay. Stumble Guys APK contains a vast choice of mini creatures in simple battle royale. This game is fun.

Information of Stumble Guys

Name Stumble Guys
version-history Latest Version 0.72
Size 214 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Scopely

Table of Contents

Description of Stumble Guys APK

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer action game that has become popular worldwide with its awesome gameplay. This game is colourful, and it contains more creatures involved in the battle royale game. The gameplay is interesting and easy to understand.

There are lots of creatures to compete with in this game. The players that end up at the finish line without being knocked out win the race. If you are familiar with annelids, you will understand the concept of Stumble Guys APK. This game is perfect if you want to relax or pass out time after a stressful day. Stumble Guys is a light game, but it's fun. You will experience different challenges as you proceed in the tournament.

Stumble Guys APK has gems and coins for players to enjoy in the menu. When you play the game, you have to earn coins to upgrade characters to look distinct. However, you can get these coins easily on Stumble Guys APK Menu.

Kitka games developed and published this game with over 100 million players and downloads worldwide. Stumble Guys is the first published game of Kitka, and ever since it was published, it has taken a great turn on gamers worldwide. Everyone enjoys the game and finds it attractive.

A three-year-old can play this game with an easy user interface and navigation. There are no complex features or settings in the game. Join millions of players to enjoy this game. Download Stumble Guys APK version and enjoy a Fun Gameplay.

Funny Gameplay

Stumble Guys is a real-time knockout game. You will enjoy a series of challenges with several players worldwide, from level to level. The game environment is a battle royale where over 30 players are, and one player tops the level. This game is more like a multiplayer racing game.

If you are familiar with Annelids or the Fall Guys, you will understand Stumble Guys. This game does not have a significant story around it; hence it is free but also fun to play. All you have to do as the player is win against other players and run towards the finish line.

This game is also based on the way battle royale game is. Where you will engage with other players. You are not fighting in this game. However, as you progress, you will encounter obstacles like traps

Traps and obstacles are arranged in dangerous places in this game, which, when encountered, can be detrimental to your progress hence the need for the map system provided in the game. Stumble Guys APK has an map system available to rely on to win the race.

At the start of this game, you will automatically select a map for you; however, you can change the map location. If not, you might fall victim to an accident leading to a restart of your face and forfeiting your chance to win.

Features of Stumble Guys APK Android

Here are the exciting features of this game;

Simple touch controls

Controlling your characters in Stumble Guys APK is easy. While playing the game, two icons are provided for easy control of your movement and the characters in the game.

The right hand control is for moving up, that is, jumping over an obstacle; you must be careful while jumping so you don't jump too much or exceed your target.

The left-hand control is for living around in the game. To control these icons are not complex; you can do this by moving your hands around these icons on your touch screen device.

Customization Feature

Stumble Guys have a collection of appearance fittings to help you personalize your character. You can completely adjust the appearance of your character to your liking. There are different hats, hairstyles, and outfits to pick from in the customization collection feature. The characters are in a good customizable shape; hence they are easy to customize.

Multiplayer game mode

To make Stumble Guys' games more fun and exciting, the developers incorporated the multiplayer game mode. This way, players will communicate and interact with other players hence making the game engaging.

In addition, players can single-handedly play with the AI and strive to win.

Awesome graphics and sound

The characters and features of this game are 3D designed with high professionalism making the characters realistic and relatable. On the other hand, Stumble Guys have a premium sound effect that suits the gameplay. Open skin’s with the Stumble Guys APK 2024.


If you enjoy a simple game but are fun and engaging, the Stumble Guys game is a great option. Download the Stumble Guys APK free and enjoy simple gameplay with several unique features.

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