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Download Netflix APK to access exclusive movies and TV series. Netflix Premium APK (You Have To Pay) has an array of award-winning shows for your entertainment.

Information of Netflix

Name Netflix
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 8.124.0 build 2 50751
Size 68.69 Mb
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Developer Netflix, Inc.

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In-depth Description of Netflix Premium APK

Netflix is a streaming service that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., without being interrupted by an advertisement. Netflix is a subscription-based streaming platform, so users have to pay a certain amount of money to gain access to its catalog.

Netflix was released on Google Play Store on January 6th, 2016. In the years since then, the app has been downloaded over 1 billion times on Google Play Store. When you download Netflix APK 2024, you will get all the updates and features on the "regular" version, i.e., the premium locked version.

Netflix APK for Android devices has all the unique features that make Netflix what it is but, unlike "regular" Netflix, it is of charge.

Add Shows to Personal List

When you have a Netflix APK Premium account, you can not only watch movies and shows for free (and with smart ads!), you can also save things to watch later. Netflix APK 2024 has a section called "My List," which is a section for TV series, movies, etc., that you want to watch later.

So if you see or know of a show that you might enjoy, you do not have to watch it immediately. You can add it to your list and watch it at a convenient time. Netflix APK allows you to ass up to 2000 shows to your list, so you need not worry about losing track of things you want to watch. The only way a movie can leave your list is if you remove it manually or if it's no longer on Netflix APK.

Download Shows and Movies

Netflix APK no Ads is a streaming service, but people with Netflix accounts can download movies to watch offline. This feature becomes very helpful when you are in a place with a poor internet connection but you have the urge to watch your favorite show.

You could be on a plane, on vacation, or anywhere else with no signal, and you would be able to watch your favorite shows because you downloaded them offline. However, keep in mind that not all shows on the Netflix APK latest version are downloadable. The downloadable movies and shows have a download button next to their titles.

Wide Array of Things to Watch

Netflix APK presents users with a great variety of things to watch. Netflix's catalog ranges from crime TV series to nature documentaries to comedy movies. Netflix's expansive catalog is such that there is something for everyone to watch; children can watch their cartoons, teenagers can watch age-appropriate shows, and adults can watch shows they enjoy.

Viewers can enjoy Netflix-hosted movies and series, and they can also enjoy Netflix Originals. Netflix originals are produced and funded by Netflix. Because Netflix offers access to its entire catalog, regardless of the user's subscription plan, it is an almost neverending array of things to watch.

Unique Features of Netflix

  • Multiple Profiles Within an Account. There are many unique features of Netflix Premium APK, but this one stands out quite well. Users can have different profiles under a single Netflix account so that each person who uses the account has different recommendations and can add what they want to their watch list.However, this feature is dependent on the user's subscription package. For the highest subscription plan, Netflix allows up to five profiles to an account.
  • Different Tiers of Subscription. Netflix offers various subscription plans, and these plans determine the video quality of the shows your stream and download. The plans also determine the number of screens/devices that can watch Netflix shows at the same time. The general plans are Basic, Standard, and Premium.
  • Parental Control Feature. Like most media services these days, Netflix APK has a parental control feature that regulates what children are watching. The parental control feature prevents children from watching inappropriate content for their age.When you create a profile for children, you can choose the maturity level permitted for that profile. You can even take it a step further by navigating to Settings and setting a PIN under 'Parental Controls'.
  • Rating Shows and Movies. Netflix APK allows you to rate its catalog individually; you can even rate things that you have not watched. The app does not have a five- or ten-star system for rating movies. You can rate it as a thumbs down or a thumbs up.If you give a show a thumbs down, Netflix will not recommend it to you again, and you will receive fewer similar content recommendations. If, however, you give it a thumbs up, Netflix will recommend similar shows for you to watch.
  • Limit Data Usage. You can limit or manage the amount of mobile data Netflix APK can use when you are not streaming via WiFi. If you want to regulate how much mobile data you use on Netflix Premium APK, navigate to the 'App Settings' section of the app and click on 'Cellular Data Usage.' This way, you can decide if you want to stream Netflix on WiFi only or if you are going to use maximum data while streaming. You can also choose to save data.


Netflix is a streaming and production entity that gives subscribers to its streaming service access to thousands of shows and movies. Download Netflix APK latest version to start watching your favorite shows! Netflix APK for Android features content that varies by region, is accessible with smart ads.

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