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Are you a fan of reading mangas and manhwas? BATO.TO APK is easily the best app for reading countless manga and manhwa titles for free on your Android device.

Information of Batoto

Name Batoto
version-history Latest Version 14.0
Size 2.3 MB
Compatible with Android 4.0+

Table of Contents

Introduction To BATO.TO APK

Manga is the amazing Japanese version of what is commonly known as comics. Manga has been gaining more and more popularity in the last couple of years. Anime is the animated version of Mangas, and it has also been one of the largest forms of entertainment among people of all ages around the world. Now that the newer generation is growing up, they have moved to Manga; the root of all anime, and hence the huge spike in popularity.

Reading Manga through physical copies can be quite expensive, so people needed a place to read Manga online from the comfort of their devices. That is where Manga reading apps like BATO.TO APK comes in. There are various platforms for reading Manga online, and most of them are also free. But BATO.TO APK is by far one of the best platforms for this.

BATO.TO APK has really captivated all Manga enthusiasts with its huge catalog of titles from various regions as well. BATO.TO APK also offers countless Manhua and Manhwa titles, which are Chinese and Korean versions of Manga respectively. Additionally, with the easy-to-use user interface, active discussion forums and comment sections under every title, and a well-knit community BATO.TO APK becomes a comfortable space for Manga enthusiasts. It also becomes a hub for scanlation groups and provides a helpful space for both talented artists and translators.


  • You can use BATO.TO APK app on any Android device for free so long as you donwload and install it.
  • Download the BATO.TO APK installation file on your Android device.
  • The file size is really small, so it should not take too long to download the installation file.
  • While it is being downloaded, open your settings and head to the security section.
  • Locate and allow the installation from all Unknown Sources options.
  • Once the file is downloaded, open up your File Manager app on your Android device and locate the installation file.
  • It can be found in the recently downloaded files.
  • Run the BATO.TO APK Android installation file and follow the process.
  • Launch BATO.TO APK and load in.
  • You can create an account in BATO.TO APK to get personalized recommendations and transfer your account history over to other devices, etc. But you can also use BATO.TO APK without an account.
  • Now browse through the featured titles given on the home page to select a Manga to read.
  • You can also search for one if you know the name, or you can use the filter tool in the browse section and get personalized results for your search.
  • Once you have selected a Manga, tap its thumbnail and scroll down to the chapter index.
  • Select the chapter you want to read, and enjoy!

Features That Stand Out In BATO.TO APK

As was said earlier, there are many free platforms and websites/apps to read Manga online and even for free, then why choose BATO.TO APK. That is because of the unique features BATO.TO APK has to offer. Let's have a look at these features now.

Huge Collection Of Manga

BATO.TO APK features a collection of Manga so large that there is just no comparison between other platforms and BATO.TO APK. And the collection is not limited to Manga only, there are countless Manhua and Manhwa featured as well, (more Manhwa than Manhua). For those of you who do not know, Manhua and Manhwa are essentially Chinese and Korean versions of Manga. Numerous titles from every possible genre, whether they are popular or among the lesser-known category, are all available!

Integration Of Scanlation Groups

For those of you who are not familiar, scanlation groups are the ones responsible for scanning and translating Manga and Manhwa into your desired languages. BATO.TO APK has allowed these scanlation groups to shine and show their efforts on the app and give translators the recognition they deserve.

Active Comment Sections

Under each chapter of every Manga, has been provided a comment section. The text box has several tools such as Bold, Underline, Links, Quotes, etc. The text box is just overall very advanced and very helpful. Additionally, there is a well-knit community that is active on BATO.TO APK and lets users interact with others and discuss their favorite stories with people who think alike.


To use BATO.TO APK effectively and in the best way possible, we have provided some tips you can follow below.

Follow The Series To Get Notified

If you happen to get hooked on an ongoing Manga or Manhwa, you can opt to follow it. This way, whenever there are any new chapters uploaded, you will get notified. This is the best way to keep up with your favorite titles without having to check in manually from time to time!

Engage With The Community

BATO.TO APK lets you take part in discussions on various topics all related to Manga. You can participate in these just for fun and theorize what could potentially happen next in the story, etc. Sharing your thoughts is a good way to enhance your reading experience of any Manga, and can help you connect with fellow Manga enthusiasts.


If you consider youself a Manga enthusiast, and you happen to be looking for a good platform to read Manga in high quality. Then BATO.TO APK may be exactly what you are looking for. Have countless Manga titles of all genres in the palm of your hand, connect with fellow Manga lovers. And who knows, maybe you will make a friend there!

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