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Download Monak na Pula APK to become a part of fierce battles between chickens. Utilize your resource carefully and lead your chickens to the victory!

Information of Manok Na Pula

Name Manok Na Pula
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 7.2
Size 106.1 MB
Category Action
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer TATAY

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Description of Monak na Pula

Remember the popular betting game in Asia or the Philippines? Manok Na Pula APK shares similar gameplay. This game engages players with an animal action game whereby they will play as a chicken. The chicken in the game will fight until one of the chickens dies.

This game is an action-packed game that Involves two animals fighting instead of 3D creatures. Monal Na Pula APK is an engaging multiplayer game with unique gameplay. It is a last-man-standing game.

If you love chicken fighting betting games in real life, this is a great game for you as it allows you to control the chicken like you are the one fighting.

In Asian countries, like the Philippines, there is a popular combat game between animals called Sabong but known as Cock Fighting in English.

This game is the longest and most popular entertaining game in history. It has existed for decades, and there are over 200 stadiums for Cock Fighting with many crowds across the world there to watch.

This game has been developed in the form of an online mobile game by a Filipino Company. The developers aim to make or give Filipinos who love Cock Fighting games to play on their mobile devices.

However, this game has advanced features compared to the real-world Cock Fighting game, and one of the features is Monak Na Pula Dragon Eye. The chicken will have more than the regular eye with this feature.

TATAY developed and published this game with over 4 million downloads. This game has gotten so popular ever since its launch because of its unique gameplay. The developers did a great job in publishing this game.

Since this game is a multiplayer fighting game, you have to equip yourself with many weapons to defeat your opponent; however, you need money and to earn money in this game takes a long process.

The Monak Na Pula APK Latest Version 2024 is the best option for you if you love Cock Fighting betting games and you want to enjoy a smooth experience playing it on your device. Monak Na Pula APK has all kinds of chicken for users to play and fight.

So what are you waiting for? Download Monak Na Pula APK Now!!!

Unique Gameplay

Monak Na Pula APK has simple gameplay. Players will role-play as a chicken in an ultimate Cock Fighting environment. If you are familiar with Cock Fighting in the Asian part of the world, you will understand the game's concept.

There is a short story behind this game which goes thus; Many chickens in the game environment have turned into strange creatures through a dangerous potion. However, there is an antidote, but you have to fight your enemies to get it and return to normal hence the reason behind the various fighting.

The game environment is in a stadium where all you have to do to defeat your enemies is fight with your wings, aim at enemies, and shoot. This game comes in turn like a 5vs5 game. You will play with other chickens, and as long as you remain the last man standing in each match, you will play with the remaining chickens.

You must train the chicken to fight well and conquer its enemies. Join millions of gamers and Cock Fighting lovers to play this game.

Features of Monak Na Pula Game

Below are some features of this game,

Multiplayer Mode

In making this game engaging and interesting, developers made it a multiplayer game. You will engage in battle with online players or with AI. This is fun and interesting.

Intuitive Controls

Controlling the chicken character is easy and straightforward. There are controls on the screen that help you move and fly the chicken. You can easily aim at other chickens to kill them.

Unique Graphics and Sound

Though Monak Na Pula is a 2D graphics game, the character is attractive with an excellent sound quality that suits the gameplay. You will surely enjoy the game.

In Addition, there are various game levels in the game, and each level has challenges you must overcome to move to the next level.


Cock Fighting game has been developed into an online mobile game. If you love Cock Fighting games, this is a must-have game. Download the Monak Na Pula APK to enjoy the game better.

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