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Download Geometry Dash APK Original version for gameplay and explore the Geometry Dash APK, which offers features to enjoy this game at its peak.

Information of Geometry Dash

Name Geometry Dash
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 2.2.142
Size 158 MB
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer RobTop Games

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An in-depth description of Geometry Dash APK

If you love arcade games, then you can try Geometry Dash APK. This game is an interesting game with simple controls and rules to follow. Geometry Dash APK is a simple game; all you need is to finish the point at each game level and avoid obstacles as much as possible. This game is built on running rhythms, and it features beautiful visuals and music content.

Geometry Dash APK is an engaging mobile game. You don't necessarily have to complete a level before you move to the next level, but as you progress in the game, the more complex the levels become. This is a fun game anyone can play with its high level of simplicity. As the player, you must avoid all obstacles as you play.

This game is a top game of RobTop Games, and it has gotten over 5 million downloads and users worldwide; players are mostly attracted to the beautiful graphics and interface. Anyone can play this game; therefore, you are guaranteed simplicity. Join millions of players worldwide to download and explore this game.

Geometry Dash APK Gameplay

Geometry Dash APK has unique and fun gameplay to explore. The rule of the game is straightforward; all you need is to control the cube to avoid obstacles. Your touchscreen mobile will allow you to jump high over obstacles and avoid them. When you hear or open the game, you will think it is easy to play; however, it might seem easy at first, but as you play on, each level comes with its difficulties.

Note that you cannot control the game speed. Instead, you can control the direction of movements to avoid all the obstacles. The differences in the game level make the game more interesting. Fortunately, when you hit an obstacle and die, you can easily start playing the game again, and all you will do is try to avoid many obstacles and whatever speed the game places you in.

The game's obstacles are different at each level, and it gets more as you play.  Also, the game scene sometimes changes, taking you to different places. For instance, the deep sea. The challenges in this game are fun. You must perform reflexes as you can encounter an obstacle in a place you least expected. The excitement to jump over all obstacles makes gamers interested in playing the game.

The Geometry Dash APK is similar to Flappy birds. The more you engage in the game, the more you're attracted to it.

About Geometry Dash APK

If you want to enjoy the game better with advanced and top features, then you can consider Geometry Dash APK, a modified version of the Geometry Dash APK Original that has offered all game features for a better gaming experience for players.

The Geometry Dash APK has many features to offer that make Geometry Dash APK an attractive game to most players with its simple interface.

Furthermore, some of the features of the game offer users to customize characters as they want in the game and also has several game modes for players to explore and enjoy the gameplay.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Geometry Dash APK Now!!! You can get the Geometry Dash APK free download on our website at no cost. Enjoy this game with millions of players worldwide.

Features of Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK is a great game to pass the time during leisure. It has money features to offer users to enjoy a great game experience. Below are some of the features it offers;

Simple interface

Geometry Dash APK features an easy-to-use interface for all users. If you're a novice or new to the gameplay, you will find your way around playing the game easily. In addition, it has simple controls, and you can easily control the characters on a touchscreen device.

Diverse game modes to explore

The developers have done a great job of making the game fun and less boring. Geometry Dash APK has many modes to engage players with, which range from easy, normal, hard, and insane to demon. These modes ensure that the game is not boring to players.

Aside from that, this game features a practice mode or a training room where players can practice before engaging in the game. This is super fun and impressive.

Customize your character

Players can customize their characters to stand out amidst the otheres. You can easily carry out this feature with your creativity. Therefore, if you have not downloaded the Geometry Dash APK, download it immediately.

Practice games to improve your skills

This is an interesting feature this game offers, and players can easily practice before they engage in the gameplay to improve their skills and master the movement in the game.

Beautiful graphics

Although Geometry Dash APK does not have 3D content, it still has beautiful visuals that have affected players over the years, and they are still drooling over it. It is clear, pleasant, and beautiful. In addition, the soundtrack is superb, and it fits the gameplay perfectly well.


I believe by now you understand all about the Geometry Dash APK. To recap, this is an interesting rhythm game where you will avoid obstacles as you play. Join millions of players to enjoy this gameplay.

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