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Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK and play the role of a voracious shark. In Hungry Shark Evolution APK, win money and gems as you explore the game while playing.

Information of Hungry Shark Evolution

Name Hungry Shark Evolution
version-history Latest Version 11.5.0
Size 155 MB
Category Arcade
Compatible with Android 5.0+

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In-Depth Hungry shark Evolution APK

Hungry Shark Evolution APK is a survival game that sets you in the middle of the ocean. This game is published by Ubisoft entertainment. Survive as a shark for an extended period by becoming a hungry shark; you are required to feed on everything around you. Hungry Shark Evolution APK  begins with a baby shark that continues to evolve until it unveils all its abilities and becomes a fully grown adult shark.

You not only feed on fish, whales, and birds, but you also continue to eat until you become a man-eater. You can improve your shark’s bite and strength and upgrade using coins. Buy new sharks and learn more about other sharks in the game. Hungry Shark Evolution APK  entirely involves driving a predator to its prey. This game has different exciting stages and missions.

Hungry Shark Evolution has unique gameplay that fosters a sense of continuity and suspense. Your main goal is to make sure the shark keeps eating and survives. You need to become a predator to survive this fantastic online game. Become the greatest predator in the Ocean and grow your shark to its biggest size.

Description of Shark Evolution APK Gameplay.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun and unique game compatible with Android and IOS devices. Hungry Shark Evolution APK is a simulator game that involves a bunch of powerful sharks eating everything they come across. As your shark eats, it grows; make sure it keeps growing until you are the top predator in the ocean.

The Hungry Shark Evolution game is one of the fifth series of its kind. It involves many fish and sharks trying to evolve and feed on wild animals underwater. Grow baby sharks and win treasures scattered on the map. All you have to do is keep eating until you are a giant shark yet.

Hungry Shark Evolution APK has two different multipliers that increase the points in multiples of 2 and one that increases the point evenly. Each shark has a multiplier that is peculiar to its strength. Hungry Shark Evolution APK download allows you to play offline. After downloading this game, you can enjoy stunning 3D visuals and mind-blowing special effects.

Every shark has a series of missions distributed on the map. A super mission is opened after completing eight primary missions; these missions are not on the shell. However, the mission shells are opened after completing the other missions. When you complete your given series of missions, you are offered rewards. 

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution APK Download

There are lots of unique features that make Hungry Shark Evolution worth playing.

Exciting missions and events.

There are diverse worlds to choose from, which include the Pacific world and the Arabian sea. The missions and events are also updated daily. You stand a chance of winning rewards in competitions. You can also access new sharks and items as rewards or purchase them with coins. There is an accessory shop that has a whole list of accessories in its menu option that allows you to buy accessories and learn more about maps, accessories, and baby sharks.  Activate supersize mode when you allow your shark to eat as much as possible.


Hungry Shark Evolution APK consists of a map featuring mission shells. There are many sharks in the game, you are given access to different sharks as you progress, and you also get to battle with the giant crab and other new species. Hungry Shark APK latest version also consists of Abyss Shark, assistant sharks that swim with the significant sharks, and extras like the immobilizing gear.

The game starts once you click on the play button.  You’d see a fallen shark trying to survive by eating and fighting everything it sees. Hungry Shark Evolution APK offers money and gems allow you to earn rewards as you progress higher in the game and win missions. The health of the shark is restored as it keeps eating. The game boundaries can be seen on the map make sure to take note of them.

User Interface.

Hungry Shark Evolution APK latest version has a unique user-friendly interface with fantastic sound effects. There are several menus in Hungry Shark APK. The evolved menu options allow you to monitor your sharks and keep a tab on the data, supplies, and growth. You can, however, choose an accessory from the accessory shop menu after picking a shark.

You can open the top-secret lab option when a target is reached. This menu option lets you observe your sharks and their unique special abilities. You can buy new sharks, pick a shark to start the game, and have special gameplay sessions. The evolve menu option can also access the secret lab menu option.

The setting menu option has a submenu with statistics that display scores, milestones, and death rates. The help option provides players with guides to follow. Hungry Shark Evolution APK has a chance to select the language to translate the game and turn on and off certain game features.


Hungry Shark Evolution APK  2024 gives a thrilling underwater experience with different marine species and many hidden riches to discover.  Each shark has a unique mission and goal peculiar to its shell. Objects are dispersed on the map; finding these items earns you rewards and bonuses.

Take the place of a shark who never gets tired of eating. Devour as many fishes as you can find, fight battles and earn points while completing your daily missions. Hungry Shark Evolution APK allows you to explore a vast and expansive ocean in search of food. Have fun while living underwater and eating as much food as you can find. Download Hungry Shark Evolution APK 2024 to start playing now.

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