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YouTube APK 19.23.40 (Free) Download Latest version Android 2024

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YouTube is the go-to app for watching videos online. With this app, you can watch your favourite videos, manage your channel, and much more!


Information of YouTube

Name YouTube
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 19.23.40
Size 141.72 Mb
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Developer Google LLC

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In-depth Description of YouTube APK 

YouTube is the biggest social media platform for watching videos; YouTube creators, called YouTubers, can also upload their videos to the platform.

YouTube was launched on February 14th, 2005, but it was introduced to the Google Play Store on October 20th, 2010. The video streaming platform is so popular and effective that it is often used as a search engine by millions of people across the world.

Perhaps the best part about YouTube is that it is free but in recent years, YouTube, like most online services in the digital age, has seen an overwhelming increase in ads. This is where YouTube Premium APK comes in.

YouTube offers a premium subscription for users who want a seamless viewing experience, with the number one feature for many being the lack of ads. Aside from the lack of ads, YouTube APK smart ads allows users to download their favorite videos for offline viewing.

The Essentials of YouTube – YouTube APK 2024

Multiple Genres and Topics

YouTube APK is a top-rated platform because of the variety it offers. Users are not restricted to watching a single genre, nor are they only allowed to watch videos about a specific topic; they have the choice to pick from millions of videos.

With over 3 million videos uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, and over 800 million videos have been uploaded in the platform's history, users can find videos on anything from gaming to woodworking to fashion and even learning.

Personal Video Library

YouTube APK works as an online video library; it hosts millions of videos made and/or uploaded by amateurs and professionals. You can search for documentaries, comedy shows, mini online series, or gaming streams. You can personalize your YouTube experience by making it into a personal video library.

YouTube studies your searches and learns how to give you the best video recommendations based on your search history and the videos you actually watch. One way of making YouTube more of a personalized video library is by going through your account.


You can view your liked videos, check out your previously watched videos, create playlists (these can be public or private), subscribe to creators, and even choose to receive video notifications from the creators.

Content Creation 

YouTube relies on its users uploading videos to the platform, so content creators who follow the rules are highly welcomed on the platform. YouTube Premium APK provides various features for creators to be in the community with viewers.

YouTube content creators engage with their viewers in real time by going on live streams from the app. Although audiences can comment on live streams and videos, YouTubers can also disable comments for both of them.

Also, creators can make posts and stories, and they can do premieres for their videos. This sense of community between content creators and YouTube users is a great feature that YouTube APK captures.

Family Friendly Video Preferences 

This feature is especially useful for people with children, and people who do not want to watch more inappropriate videos. YouTube APK allows you to adjust your video preferences so that you and your loved ones do not watch adult content.

You can customize your content on the YouTube app, and you can even take it a step further by using the YouTube Kid app to filter what your kids can watch. This way, they do not accidentally watch adult content.

Unique Features of YouTube APK

  • Advanced Search Engine. A search engine is a software that searches the Internet for information using phrases and keywords. Although YouTube APK free is considered a social media platform, it is also one of the most used and most popular search engines.
  • You can use YouTube APK latest version to search for what you want by typing in keywords. If you're going to get more specific, you can use the filters in the search panel to narrow down your search. Are you looking for a video that was uploaded a year ago? Are you searching for a playlist or a YouTube channel? The search filter does the work for you.
  • Simple and Accessible Users' Interface (UI). Many online platforms are weighed down by their unnecessarily complicated UI that discourages people from using these platforms. YouTube's user interface is so simple that users have no problem navigating the app with little to no help. You can customize your experience by changing the theme to suit your preferences better.
  • Smart Ads. YouTube Premium APK is a better choice over "regular" YouTube in many ways, one of which is the optimization of ads. With YouTube Premium APK, you no longer have to deal with the annoying experience of watching a video and having it interrupted by ads.
  • More User Experience. YouTube APK creates a beautiful experience for its users. If you have YouTube APK, you can play videos and listen to the audio alone when you move to another app, switch to your device's home screen, or turn off your device's screen. Also, you get access to YouTube Music Premium when you have YouTube Premium APK. You can stream millions of high-quality audios from millions of artists on YouTube Music Premium.

Frequently Asked Questions: YouTube APK Full

Can you listen to videos on the official YouTube APK with the screen locked?

To listen to YouTube videos with your phone's screen locked, you need to subscribe to a YouTube Premium account or install an alternative app that allows this feature.

Can you download videos from the original YouTube APK on Android?

The YouTube app does not allow you to download videos to your phone. If you want to download them, you will need to use alternative applications like Videoder APK.


Enjoy your favourite YouTube videos for free on Android with YouTube APK 2024, the official YouTube app for smartphones and tablets!

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