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Download Traffic Rider APK and enjoy unlimited fun driving a motorcycle at high speed. Every lover of bike riding games has got numerous bikes to ride in this game.

Information of Traffic Rider

Name Traffic Rider
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 1.99b
Size 137.2 MB
Category Racing
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer skgames

Table of Contents

Introduction to Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider APK is a mobile game that has gained wide recognition and downloads from millions of game lovers worldwide. And this is as a result of a never-ending pleasure that players derive from it. It is a 3D motorcycle racing game that demands you as the rider to drive through different busy roads without running into anything.

To be a good motorcycle rider, you must put your riding skills to work, avoiding traffic and not crashing into any vehicles. Traffic Rider APK 2024 has a career mode where you must complete different missions before proceeding to the next phase. Traffic Rider APK download from the developer Soner Kara was created as a first-person view perspective game with exceptional graphics and similitude to real-life bike sounds and atmosphere.

Traffic Rider game does not have any restrictions as it supports multiple languages, which means it can be played from any part of the world. Aside from different bikes you can choose to ride, other impressive features will get you stuck to the gameplay.

Features that make Traffic Rider APK Unique.

Stunning HD Graphics: Traffic Rider APK latest version has lots of excellent graphics that captivate players. The game has a look-alike to the real-world scenario of riding through highways and cities. The game has night and day topography for playing in different modes. The year's seasons are another welcoming feature that the game is created with.

Game Modes: in Traffic Rider APK player has the option of being played as a guest to have a glimpse of the exceptional gameplay. There is a career mode as well that involves different missions meant to be completed before proceeding. When you are successful with your missions in the game, you will unlock over 30 achievements that will set you among the online leader boards. What guarantees the points to have in Traffic Rider is the velocity you ride without crashing.

Authentic Sounds: Traffic Rider APK gives a real-life experience of riding a bike due to the game's sounds. The sounds of motorcycles are the same as real motorbikes, making it looks like you are riding bikes in real life.

Real Motorbikes: Traffic Rider APK has many real motorbikes recreated into the game. The real motorbikes are over 26, and you can choose any to ride on. However, some of the bikes are locked, you will have to unlock them by completing the game's missions. In each of the motorcycles you choose to ride, you can configure the game's camera with it, such as having the first-person camera view for real driving.

Easy to play: in Traffic Rider APK menu, the game shows good accessibility and compatibility. You can easily navigate the menu and ride for fun, winning cool coins. It also has a very small size that doesn’t take up space on your mobile device or result in Lagging.

Explore different riding skills: riding in busy cities and roads, you will need to put your riding skills to work while moving at high speed. You can perform different skills in this game, such as a wheelie that allows you to move in different directions and earn plenty money while avoiding crashes.

How to download and install Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider APK download is straightforward on your mobile device. You have to follow the guidelines that will see you through. Once you have downloaded the APK version of the game, go to your phone settings and enable applications from unknown sources.

Once that is done, go back to the APK downloaded file, open and click on the installation file. However, before installing, ensure that your internet connection has been disconnected to avoid installation errors. When the installation is successful, you can play the game and enjoy the full features for free.

Tips and Tricks to Start your Riding Adventure

Before you get started with the Traffic Rider game, you must have some knowledge that will help your driving adventure.

  • The game has a time limit, but don’t bother yourself much about it. Your mission in the game is not to beat the time but to get to the finish line without crashing.
  • To get the most out of the game, you must be ready to drive at a very high speed. You are not to use brakes, though it's there, it’s meant for sissies. You have to match down the gas till you get to your destination.
  • You must be able to drive dangerously but not recklessly and be a master of the road. The more you pass vehicles or cut a rider or driver off, the more seconds will be added to the time you have left. You must drive furiously to keep to time and outrun others to earn more seconds and coins.
  • You can choose to play the endless mode of the game if you don’t want to go through the tougher experiences of the career mode by upgrading the mode and buying motorcycles. However, if you are the type that loves to get things done yourself, you can progress through the game.
  • While playing Traffic Rider, expect that you will fail countless times by crashing with other automobiles or structures. This is expected for you to perfect your riding skill. You must expect to and be prepared to start the level over again. This is part of the adventure of the game.


Traffic Rider is one of the best motorcycle riding games that you will come across on mobile. It is a game packed with lots of fun and compatible with all mobile devices; Android and IOS. It is an addictive game that can help you get rid of boredom. To start playing this game, get the Traffic Rider APK download to your smartphone.

The APK doesn’t take up space nor cause any technical glitches to your phone. It is free to download and play.

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