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Download Toca Life World APK to get access to a fantasy world. Toca Life World APK allows you to access a rich exciting virtual life in a fantastic video game.

Information of Toca Boca World

Name Toca Boca World
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 1.91.1
Size 597.62 Mb
Category Educational
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Developer Toca Boca

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In-Depth Toca LIfe World APK 2024

Toca Life World is a unique, fun video game that suits all ages; children and adults find this game amusing. The game portrays no gory scenery or violence, making it appropriate for the little ones. Toca Life World was developed and published by Toca Boca, a Swedish app development studio. This studio specializes in creating children-friendly video games for mobile devices.

With Toca Life World APK, you get to create your characters, design your own house, and expand your world. The world here is a virtual fantasy; you can create anything you want and play with as many toys as possible. As simple as this game might seem, there are a lot of activities to participate in.

There are so many fun things that you get to do in this game. Firstly you are put in a computer-developed high-quality fantasy world that becomes yours. Upon downloading the game, you would discover the home where you'd be living with your roommates; you can interact with everything in the game and keep whatever you like.

You also get to craft new things with other resources; you can do this by mixing two things like tomato and pasta mixed is a dish of spaghetti, rice, and fish becomes sushi.  You can explore the world by visiting stores, restaurants, themed parks, and many more. With Toca Life World APK, you can live in a fancy little world where you are rich and can access all you need. The Toca World is not only fancy, but it can only exist in fantasy.

Toca Life World APK Latest Version

Toca Life World is a game that combines all the games in the Toca Life Series; there are other games in the bracket like Toca Life; hospital, pets, stable, after school, farm, school, neighborhood, city, town, and any few others that are merged in Toca Life World. The Toca Life World connects all the Toca Life apps. This game is compatible with both Android and IOS mobile devices.

In this game, you are the star; you control how things in this rich fantasy world. You can design your house to your taste, hang out with friends at the mall, buy fancy new things, and many more. Toca Life World APK's latest version allows you to be the boss of your Toca Life World. There are over 90 locations with over 500 characters in this fantasy world. You get to be as creative as possible as you build the world you’d like to live in.

In this game, you would discover your roommates, but even with the roommates, you still get to customize your space, and if you would like to stay alone, you can give your roomies the boot and stay alone. Whether you live alone or with roommates, you can customize your space. You can arrange the room however you like, move the furniture however you want, and add a few of your special effects.

In Toca Life World APK, you get to shop and bring home whatever you purchase in your arms and arrange them however you want. Although this game remodels a fantasy world, some features also give the game a realistic feel. There are a lot of life details packed in the game. With its numerous features, this game still has excellent graphics and infinite possibilities for crafting and creating. If you think about it, you can build or purchase it in Toca Life World.

Features of Toca Life World APK.

This game comes with so many unique features that you’d love.


The gameplay is one of the best features of the game. You get to build, create and explore.  You are to make your character and world and act in a story of choice. You get all the Toca gaming experience compressed in one with this game. With Toca Life World, you can hang out with friends, go for a hairdo, bring a sloth to the skate park, or do whatever you want.

You have an array of choices and can create whatever you like with all the resources you get. You also get to develop and build at any location you want. You can take a pet to the hospital, take the doctor to the salon, and do whatever you like; you are the boss in this world.

Locations And Characters.

There are a lot of unique locations and characters present in this game. About 100 locations, eight of which you would access from the beginning of the game. You have access to Bop City, which has eight other places: a food court, your apartment, the shopping mall, a hair salon, and a few others.

At the beginning of a game, you can access 39 characters too. But with Toca Life World APK 2024, you can get over 500 characters and 500 pets. These extra characters and locations are available at the store to be purchased. A price tag is attached to the items, and you buy them with money. The amount for each item is allocated to it.

You don’t always have to purchase an upgrade; you might get them as gifts or rewards. The gifts can be new characters, locations, pets, and many other excellent in-game materials as gifts.

User Interface.

This game has a fantastic user interface. The interface is simple and easy to use. Some Icons make navigation more accessible—the game features lovely, high-quality graphics. The characters are well made with real-life details. The game also features an HD world that you get to build as a player. The location, characters, items, and every other feature have a hint of realism, allowing you to enjoy a fantasy world with realistic features.


In this game, you can build your own story and world. Toca Life World is an excellent game for little children as they get to create a world they would like to live in. This game also focuses significantly on imagination and would help expand children's creativity.

It is also a very educational one for children. They get to build projects on different topics and also enjoy the game's total freedom of action, funny characters, and fantastic cartoon graphics.

You can access the whole Toca Life Series in this game. Start building your unique world and creating a storyline with Toca Life World APK.

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