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Download Stick War Legacy APK to your phone and get a real-time strategy unique adventure game. Stick War Legacy APK game give you access to a unique stick world.

Information of Stick War Legacy

Name Stick War Legacy
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version 2023.5.331
Size 182.35 Mb
Category Strategy
Compatible with Android 5.1+

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Stick War Legacy APK: The Game Everyone is Talking About.

Stick War Legacy is a fantastic stick figure mobile game; created by max game studios. Like its name, stick war depicts a game filled with stick warriors that fight the stick war. Stick War Legacy is in the strategy genre. You’d have to lead a stick figure army in fights against enemies and villains in this game. To win battles and defeat enemies, destroy as many enemies as possible, collect as many resources, and gather as many units as possible. 

Stick War Legacy APK is a trendy game, especially within the stick game series and among strategy games. It is one of the highest-rated web games of all time, and it is popular. The mobile version of this game has been produced so that everyone can access the game except under 13 kids. It is rated 13 because of the violence and blood depicted in the game.

This game is known to be fun, engaging, challenging, and addicting too. You have to control each army on your team or control them in units you have created to destroy zombies successfully. Once you download the Stick War Legacy APK no ads, you can wield swords, mine golds, develop units, kill enemies, capture statues, and rule this stick world.

Stick War Legacy Description.

Stick War Legacy APK is a unique strategy game played by all. This game is compatible with PC, android, and IOS devices. In this game, you are required to battle enemies with your stick army. For what is considered to be little stick individuals, they are a powerful army, and if you lead the army correctly, you could bring even the most voracious of villains and the most dangerous enemies.

This game features unique gameplay whereby you must create units and ensure you maximize your army to attack or defend the territory. At the top of your screen, you'd get access to buttons that allow creating units; yes, you do not get units for free you make them. As much as this game is about fighting and defeating enemies, you need to get some gold to purchase things, and you dont get these from soldiers; you get it from the army. Make sure to create a healthy balance between the warriors and soldiers. Stick War Legacy APK unlimited gems require you to work for those gems; to get the gems; you need workers for that.

With Stick War Legacy APK unlimited all, you can access an excellent selection of game modes. These modes are the survival mode, the tournament mode, and of course, the classic story mode. The three modes come with different structures, challenges, and objectives. In the classic mode, you play a series of games, and when you win one, you move to the next level. In the survival mode, it is different as it is all about battling monstrous monsters, and in the tournament mode, you get to battle armies like yours and see who is best and how great of a commander you are. 

Features of Stick War Legacy.

The Stick War Legacy APK comes with a lot of unique features.


The whole game features a world called Inamorta. Inamorta is surrounded by different nations focused on their technology and an intense struggle for dominance. The surrounding country has developed its defense and attack methods, and you must also build yours to survive. Weapons stopped being what they usually were as these nations got obsessed with them and began to worship them; it became a religion. Because of how obsessed these nations got, they began to believe that their way of life was the only way, and it was the right way. They were all determined to teach their doctrine a way of life to other countries by ease or war and called these teachings divine intervention.

The names of these nations are Swordwrath, Magikill, Speartons, and Archidons. As a player, the name of your country is Order, and you believe in the way of peace and knowledge, and you don’t worship weapons. This way and method of belief make you a target for other nations, and because of this, you need to attack first. You also need to obtain their technologies from them during and after an attack. 


This game has impressive gameplay where you set your armies in motion in units, or you control them individually. There are three mission modes, and you can access new levels every Friday. You get to unlock crowns for every game difficulty, hard, insane, and there are rewards for the saga-style maps.

With the Stick War Legacy APK unlimited gems and money and upgrade, you get an amazing of game types. Game types like the win before sunset, deathmatch, mini-bosses forward statues, and many more. The order empire has six new levels in the classic campaign. You can check how long you can defeat zombies in survival mode. There is also the tournament mode where you fight to get the crown of Inarmota; the struggle is against AI challengers.

User Interface.

The user interface of this game is one of its perks. It has straightforward controls you can access at the top of the screen, and you can also easily navigate this game with just a few clicks. It has a user-friendly interface that everyone would love. The graphics of the game are super amazing. I am sure you have never seen stick figures so nicely constructed before. The designs are of excellent quality, making the game enjoyable.  The new updates feature arrows sticking to each stick figure, with a unique blood effect. You also get an improved unit formation and an Archidon bow aim. Skins are available for each character now, and you get to unlock weapons, armor, and many more.


Download Stick War legacy and be the commander of your army; destroy enemies, monsters, and villains with your stick army. With its real-time features, this strategy game would get you glued to the screen. This game is fantastic and offers you many options to shuffle through. You get new levels on this game that are updated every Friday, so you dont have to bother about finishing the game or getting bored.  You can access this game on your mobile device with fantastic quality. Once you download Stick War APK, you get to enjoy this game for without limitations.

Download Stick War Legacy APK 2024 and get access to this top-rated game in its best version yet.

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