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Download Spotify APK to access exclusive songs and listen them all day with full joyness. Spotify APK 2024 allows you to enjoy all music features.

Information of Spotify Premium

Name Spotify Premium
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version
Size 90.68 Mb
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Developer Spotify AB

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Spotify APK: Upgrade Your Listening Experience!

Spotify is one of the most famous music streaming apps in the market right now. It provides users access to countless artists with millions of songs, albums, and podcasts with the best possible sound quality for free. Users can create playlists of their desired songs and share them with friends as well. The mobile version however lacks access to songs and albums in an indirect way. Users are only allowed to skip songs 6 times, and the music is being played in shuffle mode most of the time. Some playlists like the “made of you” playlist has unlimited skips for free users though.

To get unlimited skips and get the ability to play any song one wants without having to go through random ones first, users must subscribe to Spotify’s premium version. This will give them access to unlimited skips and will be free from all ads as well. Additionally, premium users will also have the ability to download songs or entire albums and stream them offline. This sounds like it is quite a good deal considering the subscription is not very expensive, but why would anyone go for it when they could get it for free?

Spotify AB developed and published this application, and it has gotten over 1 billion users and downloads worldwide. Spotify was launched in 2008, and it has become famous.

This app is a suitable music app for all mobile users. Each song on it is well organized, fitting your mobile interface. Spotify APK grants users access to all premium version features without having to pay for a subscription.

Features of Spotify Premium

The official Spotify free version has enough features to make it one of the best music streaming apps in and of itself. But Spotify APK adds all the premium features for free making it even better. In this part of the article, we will look at some of the features that Spotify APK offers.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music

When you download Spotify Premium APK free, you will enjoy your favorite music with friends and family. You can opt for the family package available on Premium Spotify, where you can add up to six people simultaneously. This is an awesome feature as each person's account in the family package is independent and uninterrupted.

Recommendation Features

This is an interesting feature Spotify APK Premium opened offers its users.

When you create an account on Spotify for the first time, when you start playing/listening to music, Spotify records your musical preferences.

Sometimes they can ask you for your favorite genre, artiste, and music styles. Once done, Spotify will conveniently recommend artists and music for you.

As you enjoy the app, once your music preference changes, Spotify re-suggests more interesting songs based on your content.

Access to Exclusive Songs

Spotify Premium is known for the vast access to premium songs it provides users. When you subscribe to the premium version, you will comfortably enjoy your loved song, the latest trend of your favorite artist, and many more.

Cross Platform

Spotify Premium is available for all mobile devices, and you can sync your account on more than one device.

Great User Interface

Spotify Premium is easy to use and navigate. There are no complex features while operating the app. It has a user-friendly interface.

Offline Listening

Unlike the aforementioned two features which are more like quality-of-life improvements to already existing features, this is a completely new feature that is just completely blocked for the free Spotify user. The free Spotify version completely relies on wifi. This means that in case you are offline, or in a place where you cannot receive any wifi signals or mobile data, you cannot use Spotify at all.

Although the Spotify APK also relies almost completely on wifi, it does provide offline listening, meaning you can download songs while you have a connection, and then listen to them whenever you want even if you have no access to wifi.

Tips For Using Spotify APK

In this part of the article, we will give you some tips to use Spotify in the best way possible and have a streamlined listening experience.

Create Playlists

Whenever you are about to listen to music, you always want to set a vibe depending upon your mood. Searching for the best song for your mood can be a little jarring. To remove that issue from the equation, you can create playlists with songs of a particular style and name them with the respective vibe they set.

For instance, you can create a playlist for working out and add songs that make you all hyped up or a playlist for studying or working filled with Lofi songs to have soothing background music to help you enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

Add Friends

Spotify allows users to follow their friends’ accounts and share playlists. You can track their favorite songs, listen together, etc. You can create playlists together and even listen to songs together. It is a great way to share your favorite music recommendations and have fun with them even if they are not present with you in real life.


Spotify APK is easily the best application for listening to music whether online or offline. You will get a catalog of millions of songs from countless artists, high quality, ad-free, and access to premium exclusive content. Anyone who loves music, and wants to utilize all these features, can do so for free! So what are you waiting for? 
Music is life, and if you are a music lover, it is easy with the Spotify Premium APK. Download Spotify Premium APK and enjoy Spotify with great shuffling features.

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