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Want a kitten but have no space? My Talking Angela APK has made it easy for you. Get yourself a virtual pet, and give it all the love you have in store.

Information of My Talking Angela

Name My Talking Angela
Available on google play
version-history Latest Version
Size 150.01 Mb
Category Casual
Compatible with Android 5.1+

Table of Contents

Introduction To My Talking Angela APK

My Talking Angela APK has been designed to give you the experience of adopting a cute little kitten. But the process is not stagnant, she gets hungry so have to feed her on time. If you leave her for too long without attention, she will get lonely. Her fur and teeth can get all dirty if she is not regularly bathed and brushed. The kitten in My Talking Angela APK is designed in such a manner that you just fall in love after playing for a while. The cute graphics and the realistic reactions of the virtual cat make it very easy for you to develop an emotional attachment.

There are also a bunch of mini-games for you to pass your time while your kitten rests. As you spend more time with your pet, you can watch her as she grows into a beautiful adult cat. You can take her dancing and shop for new clothes. Try out new makeup looks and many more activities that never let you get bored.

The cat also has a built-in program for imitating your words, which can be very entertaining. The beautiful high-resolution display and interactive design make My Talking Angela APK 2024  an ideal game for all age groups.

How To Play My Talking Angela APK 2024

  • Download My Talking Angela APK by searching for it in the search bar on this safe website APKCima.
  • Click on the My Talking Angela APK download link to start the downloading process.
  • Remember, APK files need permission from your phone’s settings to download. Therefore, switch on the allow downloads from unknown sources option.
  • Open the My Talking Angela APK free file from your phone’s recent downloads in the file manager to commence the installation.
  • The game is now ready for you to start playing, open the app to meet your adorable virtual kitten.
  • You will have to start off with feeding her, to do that you will have to click on the food icon on the bottom of your screen.
  • Since Angela is a baby at the start of the game, you will have the option of feeding her simple foods.
  • Once she is full, you can take her to the bathroom, and brush her teeth. You will also have to give her a bath to make sure that her beautiful fur remains clean at all times.
  • Now that all this is done, the little kitten must be tired, so put her to rest for a while.
  • While she sleeps, you can explore other elements of the game.
  • You can play mini-games to earn rewards and coins. Those coins can also be used to unlock new beautiful outfits for your kitten, buy food, etc.
  • The game features various touch gestures as interactions you can do with Angela for example petting her by swiping.
  • As you progress further into the game, and continue ensuring Angela’s needs are fulfilled, she will grow from a cute little kitten to a playful adult cat.

Sensational Features In My Talking Angela APK

My Talking Angela APK has several unique and exciting features that set it apart from the other virtual pet games in the market. We have given some of these features below with a tiny bit of detail.

Speaking Angela

Outfit7 Limited, the creators of the iconic Talking Tom, and this game as well. So, just like most other virtual pet games, My Talking Angela APK also makes use of the microphone on your device, and in turn, Angela mimics everything you say in her cute voice. This can be very entertaining for kids and adults alike.

Customize Your Virtual Pet

My Talking Angela APK offers a huge catalog of outfits, dresses, and hairstyles. You can purchase these by using coins. Additionally, you can change the appearance of your virtual pet by making use of other accessories as well, and even give her a makeover!

Various Mini-games

There are several mini-games you can play in My Talking Angela APK. Playing these mini-games is a great way to make Angela happy and the smile icon on the bottom of the screen will turn green.

Mini-games are just fun to play and kill some time in case you are bored. Additionally, you can earn coins and other rewards for playing them, which you can use to buy food and other outfits for Angela.

Tips To Play My Talking Angela APK

We have given some tips to play My Talking Angela APK below that you can use to get the hang of the game quickly.

Take Care Of Angela

To ensure Angela stays happy and healthy, you need to fulfill her needs by playing the game at least once every day. Clean her, feed her, pet her, bathe her, etc. This will help in maintaining her energy levels and mood.

Customize Her Appearance

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from a variety of different outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to change the appearance of Angela. This will help keep the game fresh and interesting. Plus experimenting with new outfits in itself is quite fun as well.

Play Mini-games

Playing mini-games in My Talking Angela APK is not only fun but also a good way to earn coins and rewards. With these coins, you can buy food and all the outfits and accessories you want. My Talking Angela APK has quite an entertaining roster of mini-games, you are sure to enjoy them!


My Talking Angela APK is a really good way to experience having a cute little virtual pet. If you are in the market for a virtual pet game, or just a game to play on your Android device, My Talking Angela APK will not let you down!

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